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Radial menus are one of the best solutions when it comes to using your Android with a single hand. Swiftly Switch is a popout radial menu that appears when you swipe your finger over the edge of the screen and can be customized down to the last detail to adapt it to your needs.

This tool has a dual purpose, as it can be used as an App Drawer to get quick access to both your most-used or running apps and your three navigation buttons (back, main menu, or running apps). Besides all this, you can also access a custom menu with the shortcuts you want to either apps or system services and features (flashlight, WiFi, etc.).

You can calibrate both the area that the radial menu should cover as well as the size of its elements, and you even have the option to open more than two menus simultaneously if you have the paid version. Beyond that, the basic, free version of Swiftly Switch - Sidebar App is fully functional.
Handle your smartphone with one hand thanks to Swiftly Switch

Developers seem to be clueing in on the fact that users like using their smartphones with one hand. Tricky as this seems on hardware with giant 5.5-inch screens, software can provide solutions so you're not obliged to break out both thumbs. Radial menus are a popular option for this, and in the case of Swiftly Switch you can kill several birds with one stone as its pullout side menu includes your virtual buttons plus your app shortcuts in one place.
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